Creating Beloved Community

We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 9:55 am.  Our hour long worship service reflects the vision of our church: we are about the business of creating beloved community.

We begin at five minutes before the hour so that we can have announcements before broadcast time: in the past we were live on the radio, and soon we will be live on cable television.  Our congregation has a strong commitment to music and the arts which is reflected in our many music ensembles and beautifully decorated sanctuary.

We follow a printed order of worship each week and are currently using the “Narrative Lectionary” as our guide for weekly scripture readings.



As part of our effort to be inclusive, services are signed for the deaf community, hearing devices are available, our building is completely handicap accessible, and on the second Sunday of each month we have an All God’s People program for people with special needs and their families.


Families begin worship together every week.  On the first week of the month, the children remain in the worship service throughout the hour and communion is served. On all other weeks the children leave about 15 minutes into the service for their Sunday School classes.

Babies and toddlers frequent the worship service, but there is also a crying room at the back of the sanctuary and a nursery with a paid, consistent child care worker along with church volunteers should you choose to make use of those options.


We have two sacraments: baptism and communion. Please contact the pastor if you wish to be baptized. Our communion table is open to all who desire a closer relationship with Jesus.



It would be our privilege to celebrate your wedding! CCC, in affirmation of the inclusive love of God, welcomes all couples to be married in our church regardless of their their gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. We celebrate the equal rights of all people including the legal right for individuals to marry the person of their choice. We are committed to working with all couples to create wedding celebrations that are personal and joyful! To begin the conversation about celebrating your wedding here, contact us.


Baptism is available to children and adults of all ages. Baptism is a sign of God’s unconditional love and the mark of entry into Christ’s church. Baptisms are scheduled as part of Sunday morning worship services. Whether you are a longtime member of our church, or have never been here before, we would be honored to celebrate God’s love for you or your child. To discuss a baptism please contact us.


The death of a loved one is a tender time. We are here for you to help you remember the life of someone you loved, and to recall God’s promise to be with us always, even through the shadow of death. Our pastor will work with you to create a service that is personally meaningful and that will help us all remember that God’s love never ends. To plan a funeral or memorial service, please contact us, or ask your funeral director to do the same.

First Communion

Students in second grade go through a preparation program to receive First Communion in the spring of each year. This program starts in February and runs during following worship, after the regular Sunday School classes. The class is taught by the Director of Christian Education with the help of the pastor and a deacon. During the celebration of First Communion in worship, students are also presented with a Bible. If you would like your child to participate in First Communion, please contact us.


Confirmation class is taught to students in grade 9.  Our pastor teaches all confirmation classes together with mentors from the congregation.  After completion of the confirmation program the high school students become full members of our church.

Our Confirmation Class is designed to pass along trusted Christian practices, the habits that have sustained faithful people for generations. As our youth take this next step in their lifelong journey of faith, we trust that these cornerstone practices will serve them well along the way. For more information, please contact us.