From my heart to yours

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you are here, on this page of the website, hoping to find a church home.  Perhaps you are looking for a place of welcome, a place to journey in your faith, a place to explore your doubts, a place to celebrate the many gifts of God in your life.

I hope that you will visit Christ Congregational Church either for Sunday worship (9:55 am) or Wednesday Dinners (6pm).  We are part of the United Church of Christ, a progressive Christian denomination that has led the way in ordaining women, in work for racial justice, and in welcoming persons of all gender identities.  We know that this work is not complete, and we invite you to journey with us in bringing God’s kin-dom to earth.

Christ Congregational Church was once four separate Congregational churches in Brockton, consolidated in 1980 to become one strong church.  It is out of that DNA that we continue to thrive – the DNA of change, of coming together under a big tent, of adapting to new times, and of listening for our God’s call to bring love and inclusion to the world.

These days our congregation is a “here comes everybody” church – with gays and straights, with rich and poor, with black and white, with scholars and “regular” folk, with young and old, all gathering together to worship and work together as followers of Jesus.

We are about the business of creating beloved community – both within our walls and in the world.  We hope you will consider being part of that mission.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to chat.


Rev. Patricia Hayes