faith formation at ccc

At Christ Congregational Church we offer faith formation opportunities for all ages and for mixed ages. On Sunday mornings our Children’s Sunday School is held simultaneously with the worship service, with classes through grade 8.

Our faith formation programs are deeply rooted in the wider mission of our church. We invite children of all ages to join us as we explore faith stories and journeys.

Our youngest church goers are welcome to join our nursery staff during church services. Infants and toddlers enjoy play times, stories and crafts during service with our profession nursery staff and volunteers.

faith formation for youth

Church School (pre-K through 5th grade)

Children in pre-K through fifth grade enjoy weekly church school. We gather as one body to explore the weekly Bible lesson and follow up with hands-on activities to bring the concepts to life. Youth in grades six through eight meet in our newly renovated youth room. They explore more in-depth topics of God’s love, mission, kindness and care. Through discussions, games, movies and mission work our middle school youth learn how Jesus’s message to Love one another can be implemented into their life.

Youth Groups (middle school and high school)

Christ Congregational Church also offers students a chance to gather for fun and fellowship. Our Junior High Youth Group and Senior High Youth Group gather monthly. They host dinners, movies, scavenger hunts and much more to strengthen the friendships amongst our youth.

Confirmation (9th and 10th grades)

Confirmation is a time of deep exploration and reflections. Youth in grades nine and ten meet regularly as a group with adult leaders and mentors to explore our faith, our denomination and our church family. They reflect on their own personal faith journey and conclude a two year program by confirming their baptismal vows and officially becoming a member of the church.

faith formation for adults

Bible Study

Bible Study meets on Wednesday mornings and previews the Sunday scripture readings (10-11:30). In Fall, 2016 we switched from the Revised Common Lectionary to the Narrative Lectionary, a set of assigned Bible readings that begins each fall in Genesis and moves first through the Old Testament in order, then into prophetic readings for Advent, then into the teaching of Jesus through Easter, followed by Paul’s writings until summer when it goes to Psalms.  This is a different sequencing for our worship, and provides a new focus and learning.

Prayer Group

Prayer Group meets for lunch and prayer on Thursdays at noon.

Saturday Study Groups

Saturday Study Groups are announced seasonally – watch the newsletter!

Diversity Reading Group

Diversity Reading Group meets about every 6 weeks to discuss a book on topics of social justice.